Target Covers

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The RTS Target Covers are the perfect replacement for paper targets.

UV rays proof and water proof, the target covers will endure harsh weather conditions and will enable training in any condition.

Simply slip the cover on and add any of 6 different target types.

Available in three configurations:

  • Zeroing targets covers- one side with iron sights zeroing target and the other side with RDS zeroing target
  • Precision shooting target covers- one side with Bullseye target shape, the other side with a mini IPSC target shape
  • Tactical training target covers- one side with a “Friend” target the other with a “Foe” target.
  • Rain and UV proof
  • Available in 3 different configurations, for zeroing, precise shooting and tactical training
  • Lightweight, easy to setup, transport and store
  • Fits the Mini Torso target board
  • Arrives in value packs of 50 target covers

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